WA Civil Procedure Blog – About

The author of this blog is Fraser Robertson, a Perth Barrister. The aim of the blog is to encourage discussion on matters concerning or relating to legal practice, civil litigation and civil procedure in Western Australia. Most posts will relate to these areas in some way.

As a blog, it will be written in a more informal style than more professional legal writing. This should make it more interesting to read and less dry.


I may occasionally post about other topics which tickles my fancy and I consider would be of interest to WA lawyers and/or the broader legal community.

The blog and its posts are not intended to cause offence. If you feel offended by a post, please contact me immediately and I will attempt to resolve your complaint.

The WA Civil Procedure Blog is always open to publishing guest posts from other WA lawyers, or interstate/overseas lawyers.

The contents of this blog are not and should not be relied upon as legal advice. If you would like legal advice, please do not hesitate to contact me.


2 thoughts on “WA Civil Procedure Blog – About

  1. Cavetor says:

    Can litigants commence Perjury proceedings against parties in civil jurisdiction??

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